Sexual Relationship ,10 Characteristics of a Healthy & Unhealthy

Sexual Relationship

Sexual Relationship

It will be troublesome for sick sex addicts to understand what a healthy intimate relationship feels like.

Maureen Canning, MA, LMFT could be a abuse survivor, recovered sex addict, and relationship expert who identifies ten key characteristics of a healthy relationship when sex addiction treatment in her book Lust, Anger, Love: Understanding Sexual Addiction and therefore the Road to Healthy Intimacy.

1.Sex Provides a sense of Well-Being

Feelings of safety, connection, and affirmation occur in an exceedingly healthy sexual relationship. it should take a while to maneuver faraway from feelings of danger, disconnection, and shame, however it is well worth the patience and perseverance.

2.Emotional and Physical Sensations Are Felt

in an exceedingly healthy intimate relationship, each partners are tuned in to their own emotional vulnerability and physical sensations. These are full-fledged absolutely with no would like for desensitizing¬† or “chasing the orgasm.”

3.creative thinking and keenness Are Rediscovered

this is often not restricted to sexual issues however can be a uncovering of authentic artistic activities, reminiscent of taking part in music, painting or writing. Sex not must be the sole outlet for emotional expression.

4.You Nurture Yourself in Non-Genital ways that

Healthy gender isn’t the exclusive channel for self-nurturance and is full-fledged additional genuinely if you often and deliberately expertise pleasure in alternative ways that. realize joy in physical and sensual activities like taking a hot bubble bath, enjoying a heat cup of tea, or recreation within the rain.

Sexual Relationship

5.Suffering and Stress Are Tolerated as a vicinity of Life

having the ability to alter disappointment, tiredness, and problem while not resorting to sexual relief is a vital a part of recovery. alternative ways to cope embody writing, paying attention to music, exercising, job a friend, and doing relaxation exercises.’ll be able to Be showing emotion Vulnerable

Whereas sex addicts worry betrayal and alter their feelings to shield themselves from vulnerability, in an exceedingly healthy intimate relationship you understand that vulnerability is central to relating honestly with others.

7.You Develop and Maintain Healthy Boundaries With Others

Sex addicts have problem with healthy boundaries, either being too rigid or not recognizing the importance of boundaries keep each individuals within the relationship safe. Developing healthy boundaries permits you to be vulnerable and safe at an equivalent time.

8.gender Is Well-balanced and Moderate

While sex addicts sleep in extremes of sexual energy, experiencing either full-on excessive sexual tension or repressed, walled-off sexual feelings, after you develop sexual maturity, you’ll be able to management an applicable flow of sexual energy.’re Curious and Caring regarding alternative People’ Reactions to You

rather than taking what individuals say in person and reacting emotionally, healthy intimacy permits you to do to grasp what’s occurring for them. we have a tendency to all suppose and act differently, thus open communication between you et al. is that the key to learning to sympathize and understand others.

10.You Learn to Trust Others

In overcoming sexual addiction, you need to initial specialise in trusting yourself and learn to acknowledge your own truth. Then you’ll be able to use healthy boundaries to stay yourself safe whereas trusting others’ truths as you progress through the stages of relationships.