Are You Sick of Masturbation?

Are You Sick of Masturbation

As we all know, a bit of Masturbation can be satisfying to one’s mental and physical health if it’s done without excessive behavioural changes. In case you find your wanking is going over the top, seek professional help. 

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Although it’s not a recognized addiction, compulsive self-pleasing is a real thing. It may be connected to obsessive-compulsive disorder and a desire to meet certain needs.

Masturbation is not as addictive perhaps as drugs or alcohol can be. However, there is a real risk of overdoing so. When you self-pleasure, the brain creates a chemical called dopamine, so actually the addiction derives from simply seeking the happiness hormone. In case you find yourself skipping work, cancelling plans, or neglecting responsibilities in favour of masturbation, it could be time to see a therapist about your behaviour.

The Therapy

In therapy, you can talk about your masturbation addiction with someone who is trained to help with compulsions. They can help you recognize your triggers, and teach you coping skills to avoid masturbation. Many people who have this problem also benefit from a support group. They can share their stories and give each other encouragement.

Another great thing about a therapist is that they can give you suggestions to keep your idle hands busy. They can suggest things like taking up a new hobby, exercise, meditation, or even a social activity. By keeping a full schedule, you will reduce the amount of time you have to indulge in your masturbation habits. If you don’t have any other hobbies, consider making some new friends or reaching out to old ones who may miss you. You can also try a sex addiction treatment program to get you on the right track.

Porn addiction

The number one cause leading to over-the-top masturbation is Porn addiction. Porn addiction is a real problem, but many of the solutions advocated by advocates are unhelpful and even dangerous. For example, many of the laws that claim to address the issue rely on narratives and shaky evidence that pornography can cause psychological or financial harm.

 In addition, masturbation can cause sexual anxiety and even a loss of libido in real-life partners. This can hurt your romantic relationships and leave you feeling resentful of your partner.

 Taking a break from masturbation can help you feel more in control of your life and allow you to focus on other responsibilities. If you want to stop masturbating, start by eliminating triggers and limiting your access to pornography. For example, if you tend to masturbate during the hour before your parents get home from work, plan to watch a movie with friends instead or go for a walk to avoid the temptation.

 The conclusion

There is a whole industry built on sexual health and the illnesses arising from one’s needs coming into manifestation.

Ideally, a person who is healthy yet masturbates for pleasure is without a doubt a perfectly fine individual who may have several reasons for self–pleasure.

Reasons could be as easy as having a sex-overdrive at a certain age-nothing wrong with it. Another acceptable choice is a person being alone. For that, I can only recommend finding yourself either a long-term partner or fuck-buddies to keep up your confidence levels.

At last, my personal recommendation is simple, go out and have fun and enjoy both traditional sex as well as masturbation. However, if you become obsessive find a therapist who may guide you out of your wanking-misery.  

Wish you happy days.